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  • Brand Positioning

    The world's leading high-end professional lithium battery leader

  • Core Value

    Continuous steady duration, realize your ideal life

  • Brand Image

    Professional, convenient and stable duration

  • Brand Character

    Innovative, professional and perfect

  • Brand Slogan

    Duration for your ideal life

  • Brand Symbol

OMNI lithium iron disulfide batteryOMNI LITHIUM IRON  BATTERY

1990s is the era when alkaline batteries prevail. Represented by "Nanfu", the alkaline battery "which has an energy collecting ring at its bottom and outweighs the ordinary batteries" has been launched aggressively. It replaces the carbon battery and rapidly occupies the domestic civil market. Now the third - generation batteries battle has been chimed. What is the FR batteries that has the higher energy density, longer service life and is safer and more environmental?












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