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Sustainable Development

The Future of China


”APEC Blue” and “Parade Blue” has become hot words. Chinese leaders promise to return the “APEC Blue” to Chinese people.In 2015, the G7 leaders promised that “Stop to use the fossil energy around the world in 2050”. Safety, environment, resources, energy sustainability has became a global concern.    China has proposed national development plan, which is to accelerate the low carbon cyclic development, to promote the energy revolution and energy technology innovation, describes a good future of human life.


In the Internet+ era, the unmanned electric cars make the new energy become more fashionable. New energy vehicles and family distributed energy storage power station will enter into common families very soon.



The history of Batteries

We are here!


In 1991, the lithium ion battery started commercialized production.


The scientist in Phillips invented the “NI-MH battery” in 1976.
                                       “Ni-MH Batteries”


M.S.Whittingham Invented the  “lithium battery


Lew Urry(Energizer)  Invented the “alkaline battery”
                                       “Alkaline Batteries”


Waldmar Jungner ”Invented the nickel-cadmium battery
                                       “Ni-Cadmium Batteries”


Georges Leclanché(France) Leclanché cell Invented the carbon zinc battery
                                       Leclanché cell(Zinc-Carbon Batteries)


Gaston Plante(France) Invented the “lead acid battery”
                                       “Acid Batteries”


William Robert Grove(UK) Invented the “fuel battery”
                                       “Fuel Batteries”


Alessandro VoIta(Italy)  Invented the first battery “Volta” in the world.
                                       The First Battery -Voltaic Pile

Lithium battery has the characteristics of: green energy, environmentally friendly, low cost, non-toxic,  high power, high reliability, long service life and etc. Lithium is the core energy to drive everything interconnected in this energy internet era.

EVE is committed to become the excellent solution provider of the “Intelligent internet energy”.

EVE has passed the ISO/TS 16949、ISO9001、ISO14001、OHSAS18001, UL, UN, ROHS directive and a series of related certifications. EVE batteries do not contain Lead, Cadmium, Mercury or any other heavy metal. They are environmental friendly, and the raw material are all non-toxic and recoverable.

Sustainable Development with Safety and Eco-friendliness


EVE is committed to the principle of manufacturing with safety, Eco-friendliness and cleanliness, at all cost of money, labor or time.

EVE takes the lead of a national project as a main drafter developing the national standard of Safety Requirements for Primary Lithium Batteries Manufacturing.

EVE aims to develop it s own culture of safety sense through different types of activities, which includes, Safety Manufacturing Day, Fire Extinguishing Skills Competitions, Fire Fighting Sport Meetings, Training of Extinguishing Fires at its Early Stage.

In 2016, EVE reached its goal of safety manufacturing. Its efforts includes an investment of RMB5.62 million into the improvement of safety infrastructure and correcting hidden dangers, carrying out of 115 fire extinguishing drills, establishing of 4 enterprise mini fire stations.

EVE is accredited to ISO14001 and OHSAS18001. And the products are compliant to RoHS standards and free of heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and mercury. There are also a complete battery step utilization solution systems and raw material cycling utilization systems.

There is a policy of publishing environmental protection data. In 2016, all the concentration of contaminant emission were below either national standards or local standards. For example, in manufacturing waste water, the COD content was only 25% of the limit, ammonia nitrogen content was only 0.6% of the limit; in the gas emission, particles was only 85% of the standard, sulfuric acid mist was only 14% of the limit, NMHC was only 47% of the limit.

In EVE, there is an energy management system. EVE was granted the title of “A Cleaner Production Enterprise” in 2015. In 2016, the energy consumption per product has reduced to 241kgc/10k Ah, which is below the international standard of of 350kgce/10 kAh. In 2017, EVE aimed to reduce it a further 5%.


安全发展 绿色发展ying.jpg

Environment Information

Industrial Wastewater Monitoring Information

Industrial Wastewater Monitoring Information.jpg

Production and Life Waste Gas Monitoring Information

Production and Life Waste Gas Monitoring Information.jpg

Factory Noise Monitoring Information

Factory Noise Monitoring Information.jpg

Responsible Supply Chain

一、Supply Chain Policy

EVE Energy Co.,Ltd.Recognizing that risks of significant adverse impacts which may be associatedwith extracting, trading, processing and exporting mineral resourcesfrom conflict-affected and high-risk areas, and recognizing thatwe have the responsibility to respect human rights and not contributeto conflict, as well as not to contribute to adverse environmental andsocial impacts, we commit to adopt the “China responsible mineral supply Chain Due diligence Management Guide”(hereinafter referred to as“China Guidance”)which was issued by China Chamber of Commerce of Metals,Minerals and Chemicals Importers and Exporters (CCCMC)and the “OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas,Third Edition”(hereinafter referred to as“OECD Guidance”)which was issued by Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development(OECD),and “Dodd-Frank Street Reform andConsumer Protection Act”(hereinafter referred to as”Dodd-Frank Act”),Section 1502.We will widely disseminate and incorporatein contracts and/or agreements with suppliers a policy on responsiblesourcing of mineral resources based on these Guidelines, as representinga common reference for conflict-sensitive sourcing practicesand suppliers’ risk awareness from the point of extraction until the enduser. We commit to refraining from any action which contributes to thefinancing of conflict and we commit to comply with relevant United Nationssanctions resolutions or, where applicable, domestic laws implementing such resolutions.


二、Supply Chain Due Diligence Management Appeal System

EVE ENERGY CO., LTD. established the Supply Chain Due Diligence Management Appeal System to deal with the risks and hidden dangers of responsible mineral supply chain and ensure the smooth communication between internal and external stakeholders and the company.


三、Responsible Supply Chain Report

EVE ENERGY CO.,LTD.produces Responsible Supply Chain Report basedon the“China Guidance”and the“OECD Guidance” ,The report details the company's due diligence management system and the activities carried out during the implementation of the system.

Sustainable Developmentpublic benefit activities

"Make a gift of rose while your hands stay a lingering fragrance." EVE people are always enthusiastic about public welfare besides focusing on the innovation and building up the global competences.

  • 1

    Since 2012, EVE has established the "EVE scholarship" in Wuhan University, South China University, Electronic science and Technology University Colleage, etc. The continuous donation is given by the CEO and GM. It gives helps to the outstanding students on their study and life. The scholarship includes "EVE study model scholarship" "EVE excellent domitory captain" and project fund for the innovation entrepreurship program. This is to express EVE's appreciation to the school and teachers, and its determination to make persistent efforts.

  • 2

    On the 4th, December, 2013, EVE EVCENS gave 3 shuttle buses to the Zhongkai Hi-tech Industry zone. On one hand, it helped to solve the transporation problems in the industry zone. On the other hand, it helped to promote the low-carbon travel and environmental friendly idea.

  • 3

    Repay the Alma mater, and give back to society. Morning of October 16, 2015, wuhan university alumni Liu Jincheng, on behalf of EVE and wuhan university signed the donation agreement - donated 10 million yuan, which designated for the establishment of the chemical and molecular sciences EVE electrochemical building in Wuhan university, finance the construction and development of the electrochemical discipline.

  • 4

    In 2013, "EVE Family, emloyee mutual fund"established

  • 5

    On 20th, April, 2013, there is an earthquake in Ya'an Sichuan. EVE organize a donation activities for the workers from Ya' an.

  • 6

    On the 28th, Oct, 2015, chairman Liu Jincheng together with his middle Europe classmate, went to the Huaihua Tongdao Dong minority region in Hunan Province to attend the donation activities of the Enmei primary school.

  • 7

    On the 5th, Nov, 2015, the Chinese Youth which is funded by EVE has got the runner-up in the US F1 Tour.

  • 8

    On May 14, 2016, "Luojia Innovation Angel fund" was established in wuhan university. "Luojia Innovation Angel Fund", is the real action to carry out the strategy of "public entrepreneurship, peoples innovation" . It gathers the adantage of the high school, local goverment, and alumnus and offers a platform for the student entrepreneur to find talents, projects, fund, policy and market, etc. EVE chairman Liu Jincheng as the alumnus, a member of the board, part-time associate professor of Wuhan University, actively participates in "Pay the bill for the Campus Entrepreneurship Dream".

Employee care

Hire the suitable; cultivate the potential; care the needed; promote the talent

EVE Workers' Style: Be creative, keep creative, to be the best. Let talents to drive the creativity. EVE's innovation ability is its market competitiveness. Pay attention to the culture development; create a harmonious and active atmosphere; build plaforms to let individuals and company develop together. Let the work be sinificant, valuable, have contribution to the country, have value to the customer, and helpful to the workers is the mission of EVE individual.

  • Beautiful actory; beautiful production line

    Beautiful actory; beautiful production line

  • People Foremost; Cultivate the potential

    People Foremost; Cultivate the potential

  • Care the needed;enrich their life

    Care the needed;enrich their life

  • Different kinds of cultural activities

    Different kinds of cultural activities

  • Built apartments for the talents

    Built apartments for the talents

  • Give cars to the key leaders for their convenient travel.

    Give cars to the key leaders for their convenient travel.

  • care for employee's children to go to school and their health

    care for employee's children to go to school and their health

  • The new tutors pay close attention to the workers, communite with them to make everything be better.

    The new tutors pay close attention to the workers, communite with them to make everything be better.

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