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Liu Jun, the President of Guangdong Branch of China Construction Bank, and His Party Visited and Investigated EVE Energy


In the morning of October 27th, 2017, Liu Jun, the President of Guangdong Branch of China Construction Bank (CBC), and his party came to EVE Energy for a visit and investigation accompanied by leaders of Huizhou Branch and Huizhou Development Zone Branch; Doctor Liu Jincheng, the Chairman and General Manager of EVE Energyheld the reception, and extended warm welcome to the new visit of President Liu Jun after two years, and at the same time, expressed heartfelt thanks to the great support provided by CBC to EVE Energy.

Then Doctor Liu accompanied President Liu and his party to visit the modern exhibition hall, the automatic workshop of power battery and experimental line of lithium ion battery. During the investigation, Doctor Liu introduced President Liu Jun the changes, innovative achievements of EVE Energy in recent two years and the strategic direction in the future, and highlighted the construction and market outlook of projects including power battery. With respect to each hot issue about new energy vehicles put forward by President Liu Jun, Doctor Liu provided elaborate interpretations and explanations based on the current situation and development planning of EVE Energy.



President Liu Jun fully affirmed the achievements of EVE Energy in recent years and was pleased at the benefits brought to the company by technological and financial products of CBC, indicating that CBC will provide greater support for high quality high-tech companies like EVE Energy that insist on scientific innovation as the core of competition, grow with EVE Energy and help the latter to realize another ascendance. Fan Ti, the President of Huizhou Branch, also indicated that it will provide EVE Energy with high quality financial services as always, to guarantee the financing requirements of EVE Energy and aim for further collaboration on that basis.

The success of this investigation has greatly improved the strategic cooperation relationship between EVE Energy and CBC and reached several new cooperative consensuses, which will provide powerful financial support for the strategic layout and business development of EVE in the future.


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