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Celebrities Gather with Wise Ideas, Discuss the“Battery Technology and New Energy Vhicle Industry Development”


13th to 14th January, 2018, the “Battery Technology and New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Forum” was held in Huizhou Hotel, Huizhou. The forum was led by the China Storage and Power Battery and Material Professional Committee, held by Huizhou EVE Energy.


Experts in power battery and new energy vehicle field such as The Academician Of Chinese Academy Of Engineering and professor of Beijing Institute Of Technology Wufeng, The Academician Of Chinese Academy Of Engineering,  Investigator Of Dalian Institute Of Chemical Physics and Chinese Academy Of Sciences Yi Baolian, Academician of Chinese Academy Of Engineering and Professor Of Shanghai Jiaotong University Ding Wenjiang, Academician Of Chinese Academy Of Sciences and Professor Of Tsinghua University Nan Cewen, Huizhou Municipal Committee and Vice Mayor Hu Jianbin and senior leaders, EVE Energy Chairman and CEO Dr.Liu Jincheng and senior managers attended the meeting with more than 200 industrial representatives.


Member Of Standing Committee, Executive Vice Mayor Hu Jianbin made speech on the opening ceremony 

Academician Wu Feng made speech on the opening ceremony

Dr. Liu Jincheng made speech on the opening ceremony

With the theme of “Provide and Demand Synergy and Technology Upgrade” and the aim of facilitate the combination of production, study and supply chain innovation, the forum communicated a series of targets and requirements aroused by the national “Energy Conservation And New Energy Vehicle Technology Roadmap” and discussed the challenges and new methods of supply chain collaborative innovations during the process from battery to carload, from vehicle to the charge facilities operation, as well as the smart transportation and green logistic. 


On this two-day forum, led by the Academicians of Chinese Academy Of Engineering Yi Baolian, Ding Wenjiang, Wu Feng and Academician Of Chinese Academy Of Sciences Nan Wence, more than 50 experts from Tsinghua University, Beijing University, CETC and EVE Energy made brilliant presentations around the topic of power storage battery technology, materials, technology, safety, heat management and the conditions and trends of the industry development. 

Yi Baolian:state of vehicle fuel cell technology

Ding Wenjiang:magnesium and rare earth

Wu Feng: new secondary battery and its key material research progress

Nan Cewen: high-storage lithium battery cell security policy

Invited by the host, EVE Energy COO Dr. Yuan Zhongzhi made a presentation of “EVE Plans on Lithium Battery Field: Keep on Promoting the Smart-Connected Life”, emphasized on the EVE’s achievements and overall arrangements before the 5G Internet of Things era.


14th January, on the branch forum “Next Generation of Power Battery Development”, General Manager of Huibei JINQUAN, the subsidiary cooperation of EVE Energy, made a presentation named “Solution of Power Storage Choke Point, EVE Goes into Innovation”, and made a point on the rapid development, overall layout and innovation of EVE in the field of power storage battery.


The forum summarized the development directions of chinese power battery, at the same time, experts and scholars of the industry and key materials provided their professional advices to the present problems of manufacturing and producing. Experts communicated and summarized the leading-edge technology of lithium-sulfur battery, full-solid lithium ion battery, lithium–air battery, fuel cell and its key materials, whichmade a  positive effect from technology side to national power battery development.

14th January, experts and representatives visited the head office of EVE Energy, took a look on the exhibition hall, laboratories and automatic produce lines. EVE impressed the guests with warm welcome, professional presentations and clean manufacturing workshops.

This successful conference and related activities further promotes EVE’ positive characteristic in the field of power storage and its academic world, which helps the cooperation to undergo he combination of produce and study in the field, make innovations of industrial chain, meanwhile, work positively on the aspect of institute construction and high-level talents introduction.


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