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It Is the Splendid Spring to Endeavor and Advance—EVE Energy Soft Rolled Ternary Battery Officially Launched Production


On the morning of  10th April, 2018, in the most beautiful season of the year, EVE Energy officially launched its 1.5 GWh soft rolled ternary battery factory—as a brand new start point. Principle leaders of Huizhou city and district government, representative of financialinstitutions, important clients and suppliers’ seniors, industrial society and media, seniors and principle managers attended the ceremony and related activities, to witness a significant moment of EVE Energy.




The opening ceremony was started with the “Song of EVE”, and EVE Senior Vice President and COO Mr. Liu Jianhua host the ceremony.


First of all, Dr, Liu Zhongzhi, VC and CTO of EVE, made a report of the release of product technology. He said, the soft rolled ternary battery’s power density achieved more than 240Wh/Kg, the maximum discharge rate reached 4C andalmost 100% capacity retention ratio can be maintained. The battery cell could cycle for more than 2500 times, with excellent performance on low-temperature electric release and rate recharge, and during the experimental of over recharge it shows great safety. Besides, EVE-developed soft rolled battery cell standard model achieved the modeling efficiency of 85%, and battery pack overall power density realized over 150Wh/Kg. The battery pack contains the initiative and passive heat dissipation to control the temperature difference within 2℃, and multiple tandem-parallel combined liquid-cooling model to satisfy the different enveloping space and electric quantity demands of vehicles. Thus the battery can be said to be one of the most satisfying high-performance power battery in the vehicle field.


Later, the Chairman and CEO of EVE, Dr. Liu Jincheng made a speech, he firstly extended sincere gratitude to those who helps EVE’s development and programs construction. He said EVE has been famous for its high-speedconstruction in cylinder ternary battery factory, while the new soft rolled ternary battery factory revealed EVE’s high quality in construction. The high quality shows in the details of factory design, equipment selection, which EVE selected the most advanced type in order to satisfy the highest product and client demands. This indicated EVE’s slogan, “product the best battery and made the best enterprise”.


Dr. Liu looked back to the development of EVE Energy, in which EVE has been making breakthroughs in technology and market from lithium primary battery, battery capacitor to cylinder ternary battery, square iron lithium battery. Therefore EVE could stand a leading position in the lithium primary battery and other divided field, as well as keep making breakthrough in electric tool and new energy vehicle. He indicates that EVE will cooperate with the most advanced corporations, and cling to core spirits of EVE Energy, which includes: pursuit excellence, quality priority, create value, be faithful, group cooperation and respect individuals and industrial develop logic to manufacture high quality battery. At the end, Dr. Liu compared the change of EVE Energy to the metamorphosis of a butterfly, though there would be difficulties, he believes that EVE Energy will have enough courage and ability to complete it and satisfy the requirements of high-level standard new energy vehicles. 


Later, Director of China Construction Bank Huizhou BranchMr. Fan Ti, CEO of Hangzhou Changjiang Vehicle limited corporation Mr. Xu Gang, Vice Director of Huizhou Zhongkai New-tech District Management Committee Mr. Liu Zirao gave their speech, they fully regarded the recent EVE progress made in technology innovation, productivity construction and market development as positive, and indicated that they will support EVE from economy, market and policy to develop further in the road of new energy vehicle. 


                                                                                    Mr. Fan Ti gave speech


                                                                                Mr. Xu Gang gave speech


                                                                               Mr. Liu ZiRaogave speech

  At last, leaders, guests and senior officers of EVE pressed the launch button together, indicates the “soft rolled ternary battery” drive the world to the new energy era. The ceremony successfully ended.


  This launch strengthens the productivity of EVE in square iron lithium, cylinder ternary and soft rolled power battery products. EVE’s products have covered different fields like new energy vehicles, commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles, indicates EVE has become one of the several corporationspossesspower battery full solution plans. EVE Energy will manufacturegod quality battery for our customers with the spirits of workmanship make effort to become highest level representative to contributevaluable power to China new energy vehicle development.



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