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EVE held the 6th firefighting sports meeting


23rd-24th June, 2018, as the finale part of EVE 17th anniversary, the 6th firefighting sports meeting was held in headquarter of EVE zhongkai and Xikeng factory. The sports meeting invited all the departments, and took “safety development” as the principle. Total attendees number reached 275.



As our long-term safety culture, 100% practice for fire is what we insist for staff to control. In our sports meeting, everyone was treated as a firefighter, and fear for nothing to explain our own spirit. 





On the meeting, vice-present and managers from departments challenged the 60 meter fire extinguish to set examples for staff.




100 echelon out fire program of 5 fire brigades took the activity to highlight and triggered people’s warmth. In the real fire and smoke, fire fighters kept forwarding with water hose in their shoulders through smoke and fire, they put the fire out and indicated their ability in the real scenario. 



Safety has always been the point of lithium battery enterprises. Dr. Liu Jincheng, CEO of EVE, raised a principle of “with major effort for the safety work” for the cultivation of people’s safe awareness and basic fire control technology. On the ceremony, staff signed in the wall and shared in their social web for the understanding of lithium battery safety culture.


In the two days, 11 units finished the competition in 6 major fire control subjects and selected a batch of outstanding units and person. The ceremony was successfully finished, however, the effort and awareness of EVE in fire control will never stop, all the members will implement the idea in every corner to construct a base for the company’s strategy targets. 


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