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EVE Held Entry Training Class for Fresh Graduate Student


At the beginning of July, 165 graduates from Tsinghua University, Wuhan University and Xi’an Transportation University come to Huizhou EVE Energy, to start their career life.


In order to make the new employees feel at home, EVE Energy prepared an one-year entry training class, including assemble train, special detachment, progress achievement and cultivation, to help our new colleague to adapt to the new environment and group.

In the 2nd to 6th, the one-week assemble training started. Dr. Liu Jincheng, CEO of EVE Energy made a speech on the opening ceremony. He said, graduation from school means the beginning of real learning, and the approach of learning is also very important. He asked colleagues to remember the date as the beginning of new study.


Later, the management group made a communication with colleagues, and talked about their experiences in enterprise culture, regulations, safety education, power of execution and businessetiquette. Students later talked about their understandings during the communication part.





In the field cultivation of safety training, students mastered the equipment during the education and example leading of EHS managers.



In 9th to 13th of July, in the serious pledge students from the special detachment starts their training, including morale education, qualified engineer, 5S 3 regulations and basic IE knowledge as well as 5km running and 40km outdoor trekking. During the training, there are happiness and pain to cultivate their ability of will and adaption. After a series of challenge, students realized the best part of themselves.



From 16th to 10th of July, students will process a one-month internship of manufacture, which requires basic operation ability from the understanding of every operation procedure and every quality requirement of products.


EVE will cling to the talents idea of “earnest  recruitmentand cultivation, pay attention and dare to promote” to make innovation in talent recruitment . EVE has always been dedicateto enterprise culture development to make work more significant, and try to realize the contribution to country, value to customers and cultivation to staff. 


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