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EVE Energy Held Firefighters’ Communication Activity


In order to celebrate Army Day, recently EVE and subsidiary corporation Huibei Jinquan co-held the communication meeting with firefighters. 

The activities in two sites was led by Sang Tian and Bi Shifengrespectively, with staff from different departments and part-time firefighters, they send their wish and presents to firefighters in the district on behalf of the company.


Communication meeting in Huizhou Zhongkai high-tech district


Communication meeting in Jingmen

In the meeting of Zhongkai high-tech district, the activity was held orderly. Under the leading of the officers, EVE staff viewed the exhibition hall and equipment of fire safety, and experienced the VR fires extinguish, which enhanced their theoretical knowledge of fire safety.



Later, officers in Zhongkai High-tech district exhibited the subjects of building fire fighting, their professional performance won our respects, and inspired us to operation these skills into real life.


At last, the communication meeting finished with an excellent basketball. The atmosphere was warm with splendid competition. With the game, we enhanced out relationships.


Since 2012, EVE and its subsidiary corporation Huibei Jinquan started the communication meeting, basketball and soccer and other activities. Especially in recent years, with the fire-drill, company and fire brigadecooperation with excellent teamwork, which set an example for the fire safety work in our district.



In recent years, EVE has always put safety as the important position of lithium battery development and established part-time and special fire safety guardians, as well as professionalfirefighting truck.



In the future, EVE will maintain the principles raised by Dr. Liu jincheng of “with the best invest of people, time and money” to make safe manufacture construction and cultivate safe ideas, to make the safe base for the bright future of “tomanufacture best lithium battery and become industrial leading enterprise ”. 

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