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“Creation leads new journey, everything interconnected and shared”—EVE 2019 Suppliers Conference


2019 supplier conference was held in Huizhou Kangdi international hotel by EVE from Dec 7th to Dec 8th, 2018. 115 suppliers from all over the country with a total of 200 representatives were invited to the conference. Dr. Liu Jincheng, chairman and president of EVE,led the company's top management and core cadres to attend the meeting. He warmly welcomed the arrival of the supplier representatives, and expressed his sincere gratitude to all partners for their support and concern over the years!


At the conference, EVE executives closely focused on the theme of "creation leads new journey, everything interconnected and shared," sharing reports from the market, technology, quality, supply chain, and overall operations level to enable supplier partners to have a comprehensive understanding of the company's achievements in market development, technological innovation, production capacity construction, etc in recent years and to have a specific understanding of the company's development strategy, business status, supplier policyand so on.The keynote speech by the chairman, Dr. Liu Jincheng, "Embracing the New Era" brought the atmosphere of the conference to a climax. He vividly described and demonstrated the achievement of EVE in various aspects in recent years and announced that in the context of the new era, EVE will firmly grasp the huge market opportunity of “5G Internet of Things” and “New Energy”, relying on the top customer, this God extended hand, to establish and improve the highest standards in the industry and embrace the bright future.





In addition, EVE also honored and awarded the outstanding suppliers emerged in 2018, expressing company’s satisfaction and affirmation of the quality and service of the excellent suppliers and was looking forward for more in-depth cooperation in the future.

EVE 2019 Supplier Conference was a complete success. Thanks to this gathering, the understanding and trust between the supply and demand sides has been effectively strengthened and a deeper partnership established. In future, EVE will seize the opportunity of the times and continue to devote ourselves to product technology innovation, quality improvement and strategic supply chain construction. We’re willing to work with all supplier partners to build a win-win ecosystem and embrace a beautiful new era!



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