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Full Range of LB Products, Escort for Safe and Green Travel


On April 16th, the 18th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition with the theme of “Create a Better Life” was grandly opened at the National Convention Center (Shanghai). The new energy vehicle became a beautiful landscape at this Auto ShanghaiShow. Traditional car companies and plenty of new forces in new energy automobile manufacturing have rushed to launch their latest new energy vehicles.


As the core component of the new energy vehicles, lithium battery plays a vital role in guaranteeing the driving experience, the cruising range, safety and reliability of the new energy vehicles. EVE brought a full range of LB products and solutions for vehicles to this exhibition.





In recent years, with the correct strategic layout and market choices, EVE quickly grows into a very competitive force in the industry. In 2018,EVE ranks in the top 3 in the passenger car power battery installed capacity and ranks 7th in the overall installed capacity of power batteries.

By so far, EVE has formed a production capacity of 11GWh, including 4.5GWh of prismatic LFPcells, 3.5GWh of cylindrical NCM cells, 1.5GWh of prismatic NCM cells, 1.5GWh of pouch NCM cells. Total production capacity will be increased to 14GWh in 2019.


Guangdong Huizhou production base


Hubei Jinmeng production base

EVE owns a full-technology route power battery product, which can cover fieldssuch as new energy passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and special vehicles.The prismatic LFP cells are mainly used in the market sectors of new energy buses and energy storage, and we had maintained in-depth cooperation with influential customers like YT, NJJL, JL, DF in the industry.In terms of pouch NCM cells, EVE focused on the high-end passenger vehicle market and has entered the supply chainof international first-class automotive enterprises like DM and XD.

Meanwhile, EVE is one of the world's leading primary battery manufacturers.EVE is able to provide the best power solutions for customers worldwidein areas of automotive IoT segments like E-Call (emergency call system), GPS (tracking and positioning), TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) with its leading technology and products.

“To guard precious lives with safety, to ensure green travel with reliability”, EVE’s first show at the Shanghai International Auto Show is a milestone in the transition from “battery man” to “automotive man”. New energy vehicles are related to people's precious lives that only by producing safe and reliable products can you truly stand in the automotive industry. EVE is moving forward steadily and firmly!

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