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Create a "Green Heart" for the Electric Ship


Recently, Nanjing Local Maritime Safety Administration organized a promotion meeting on the inland water transportation application of the green energy new lithium batteryin Nanjing Confucius Temple. Professor Yuan Zhongzhi, CTO of EVE, and Zhao Qianjin, deputy general manager, were invited to attend the meeting. The meeting passed the review of the "Research on Application and Promotion of Lithium Batteries on Small Tourist Ships", which marked the successful landing of the one-year green new energy lithium battery application project on small inland tourist ship.


As the power battery supplier of the Nanjing Confucius Temple tourist ship, EVE cooperated with the project team to overcome the technical difficulties of ship reconstruction, marine battery assembly, port charging, battery monitoring system and safe real-time monitoring. The newly developed new energy lithium battery has the conditions and performance applied to the small passenger ships on the inland river, and has achieved remarkable results.


In April 2018, the first antique cruise ship “Yongxi”, driven by new energy lithium batteries, was launched in the Confucius Temple Scenic Spot in Nanjing. In the past year, 10 more tourist ships with new energy lithium batteries were launched in Qinhuai River. According to calculations, if 40 tourist ships are all switched to new energy lithium batteries, the cost of nearly 1 million yuan will be saved in one year, which greatly enhances the economic and environmental benefits. The application of new energy lithium batteries in tourist ships is worth further promotion.


The new energy lithium battery developed by EVE has passed the CCS certification.EVE and its subsidiary, Hubei Jinquan, researched the design principles and standardization of marine power batteries, and has made due contributions to defending the green mountains and green hills in many major scenic spots across China.


Wuhan "Donghu" electric antique cruise ship


Xinjiang Tianchi Electric cruise ship

In the future, EVE will continue to practice the theory of “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets,”, actively promote the technological innovation of marine power lithium battery and powersystem, and promote the conversion from oil to electricity, from lead-acid batteries to lithium batteries on ships from different places in China, making unremitting efforts to prosper the motherland's green water and green hills!

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