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EVE inside! Provide “green power” to the electric ships in Pearl River


On June 20th, in order to comply with the construction of GBA (Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao Greater Bay Area) and the development of “Green Pearl River”, to jointly promote the electrification of the Pearl River water transport ships, Guangdong Logistics Association hosted a press conference for new energy pure electric passenger ships in Guangzhou. EVEas the supplier of lithium battery was invited to participate and Professor Yuan Zhongzhi, VP and CTO of EVE, attended the conference and gave a speech, introducing the application and prospect of lithium battery used in passenger ships.

It is reported that the Pearl River passenger ship driven by the EVE lithium battery will not emit oil, waste gas and PM2.5 particulate pollutants during operation, achieving zero emission and no pollution, and the noise is less than 50 dB (ordinary passenger ship is 65 dB), which will greatly enhance tourists’ ride experience and comfort. This ship will also receive the CCS (China Classification Society) Green Ship Signand a subsidy of 30% of the cost of the ship's power system.

In addition, the ship also has advanced technical design advantages such as automatic driving, fast start and stop, long-lifebackup battery, CCS (cruise control system), fast charging, etc. Its cruising range can be up to 100km and highest speed to 12kn (20km/h) with a battery capacity of 400 kWh.In October, the electric passenger ship,powered by 600V DC and pure lithium battery, which can carry 150 passengers will be put into operation.

Up to now, the lithium battery produced by EVE and its subsidiary Hubei Jinquan New Energy has passed the CCS certification and has been applied to electric cruise ships, commercial ships, official ships, etc. EVE will respond to the call of the country's green development as always, taking the opportunity of ship electrification to make due contributions to the national green waterway!

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