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Power ETC! EVE’s OBU lithium battery composite power solution


On June 21st, the 2019 National Cancellation of Provincial Highway Toll Station Management and Technical Seminar was successfully held at the Hilton Hotel in Foshan, Guangdong.The conference centered on the theme of “Challenges and opportunities faced by cancelling provincial toll stations” and invited responsible persons of the Ministry of Communications, highways and industry experts to exchange and discuss relevant management and technical issues to help realize the cancellation of the provincial toll stations and realize the decision-making deployment of ETC comprehensive coverage of free-flow charges.

Professor Yuan Zhongzhi, Vice President and CTO of EVE, was invited to attend the conference and delivered a wonderful report.


In his report, Professor Yuan pointed out that the core requirements of OBU's important component are long life, high reliability and wide temperature range. The composite power solution designed specifically for OBU by EVEcombines a high-energy density lithium-thionyl chloride battery with a high-power battery capacitor which owns characteristics such as stable operating voltage, long life, high power output, safe and reliable, wide operating temperature, dual power supply protection, etc. And its technology has won the “China Outstanding Patent Award” and “Guangdong First Prize of Science and Technology”. This power solution is especially suitable for outdoor low temperature and high temperature environment. It is mature and stable after OBU (-40°C~+70°C) application practice. After calculation and evaluation, the power solution has a service life of about 5 years.Plus solar charging, the actual service life can reach 7 years.

In addition, Professor Yuan has further verified that EVE’s "solar charging + SPC + ER" composite power solution is an ideal one to fully meet the OBU power supply requirements in following aspects: ①lifespan>5 years and can be used throughout the whole country, ②high degree of production automation (fast production expansion, low cost), ③quality assurance (UL1642, UN38.3).

ETC's comprehensive coverage is a key factor in the successful implementation of the cancellation of the provincial highway toll stations. It will help vehicles to quickly pass through the toll gates, and to reduce congestion and environmental pollution, which is a measure benefits both the country and the people.

As a leading supplier of domestic lithium primary batteries, EVE will continue to maintain high-quality development, innovative spirit, and strive to provide the society with long-life, high-security and reliable OBU power solutions to help the development of the national intelligent transportation network!


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