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Project launched!The world's first batch of 5,000-ton new energy bulk carriers


On the morning of June 28th, the launching ceremony of the world's first batch of 5,000-ton new energy bulk carriers (Diamond 5K series) was held in EVE Huizhou headquarter. EVE and Shanghai HanshunShipping Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hanshun) signed a cooperation agreement in a warm atmosphere. Leaders of the Regional Port Aviation and Railway Affairs Center, executives from Wuxi DeLin Defense and Shanghai Nor-Marine Company, representatives of research institutions and media friends were invited to witness this important milestone.


The project has created three“largest” in the world:

The world's largest batch of new energy bulk carriers, a total of 18;

The world's largest single-vessel bulk carrier of new energy, up to 5400 tons;

The world's largest river and sea transport new energy bulk cargo fleet.

Thenew energy ships of this project series will be powered by EVE.


In the introduction of the project, Professor Yuan Zhongzhi, CTO of EVE,gave a key introductionto the practical application of EVE’s marine power batteries. Up to now, the number of new energy ships that installed EVE’s marine batteries has exceeded 100 with a total capacity more than 30MWh. EVE has made remarkable achievements in promoting oil-to-electricity conversion of ships in many scenic spots such as Qinhuai River, East Lake of Wuhan and Tian Chi of Xinjiang. At the same time, EVEalso actively promoted the electrification of large-scale ferry/passenger ships in main water systemslike Wuhan Yangtze River, the Pearl River and Shanghai Anji-Huangpu,some of the project had entered the stage of implementation. The 5000-ton new energy bulk carrier project is the first attempt of large-scale new energy commercial ships in river-sea intermodal transportation. EVE is striving to make its due contribution to the protection of the motherland's lucid waters and lush mountains


Then, ShaoQiang,director of Hanshun,introduced this project in details. He said that more than 90% of the global cargo ships use diesel engines as the power source. With the development of diesel engine technology, we can control the emission when the ship is in the optimal cruising state. But when the ship is sailing at low speed in and out of port and berthing, it belongs to non-optimal combustion condition or high emission condition. The harmful gases, particulate matter and noise pollution generated by the ship are increasingly serious, which will also have impacts on the ecological environment of the waters.What’s worse, the environment in which the above conditions are located is getting closer to the center of the citizen's residence as the city develops and expands. Therefore, the oil-electric hybrid new energy ship with low energy consumption, low emission and high environmental protection is an important path to achieve energy saving and emission reduction while satisfying high cruising range.

The new energy ship of the project can realize zero-emission into port and has the functions of shore power fast charging, daily cruise hybridization and ship intelligence. The operating cost can save 30% compared with common commercial ships of the same type. It will be the main development trend of green electrification of large commercial ships in the future.


Dr. Liu Jincheng, chairman and president of EVE,said: The ship is directly connected with water, and the electrification of the ship is the best practice and promotion of the "lucid waters and lush mountains ". It is a great honor for us to cooperate with the world's first batch of 5,000-ton new energy bulk carriers.


In the marine power battery market, EVE has achieved very good performance, but today is a new beginning. We’ll provide higher technology, more reliable quality assuranceservice to our customer. This is something EVEis willing to do and will always do. At the same time, EVE will strengthen R&D, collaboration and innovation in terms of functional safety, shore power fast charging and ship intelligence, and strive to provide better overall solutions and make greater contributions to the industry.

It’s the voice and desire of EVE that ships running on the sea, on the river and lakeare carrying with clean lithium batteries in the future.We will go all out!

Director of Hanshun, Mr. Li Jiang said in his speech:The cooperation with EVE is based on the mutual understanding of energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection, and will serve as a model for the electrification of large-scale commercial vessels in China's major water systems. I believe that the cooperation of this project with EVE is only the beginning. In the future, we two sides will have more room for cooperation and development.


The successful launch of this project marks the cooperation between EVE and Hanshunin the field of new energy ships entersinto the actual operation stage, which also marks the further consolidation of EVE 's market leading position in the marine power battery field.

In the future,guided by the conviction that “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, EVE will continue to promote the technological innovation of marine power lithium battery and power system, and actively promote the green electrification process of various scenic spots and major water systems in the country. We’ll unremitting struggle for the motherland'slucid waters and lush mountains.

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