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Chinese first pure electric passenger ship was equipped with EVE’s high-quality lithium battery


According to the report of Changjiang Daily, Wuxi News dated July 9th, the 300-person pure electric passenger ship project promotion meeting was held in Wuxi CSIC 702 on July 5th. The hull structure of the largest pure electric passenger ship in China has been completed. The whole ship is expected to be completed before the National Day. It will be put into the sightseeing and tourism reception on the banks of the two rivers in Wuhan, bringing a new tourist experience to the tourists.

Now, let’s take a look to gain a comprehensive understanding of this ship.

Shape: Total length: 53.2 meters; total width: 13.4 meters;shape as white dolphins and its body was designed to be fully transparent; able to carryat most 300 passengers at one time;it passes through the Yangtze River and the scenery on both sides is unobstructed. It is the first pure electric passenger ship of 50 meters or more approved by CCS.

Power system: lithium battery power + pod propeller; the ship is equipped with a large capacity lithium battery pack weighing 25 tons, the whole ship battery capacity is 2280 kWh, equivalent to the battery capacity of 50 electric vehicles. The average noise for the entire ship is 54dB (A) estimated, which exceeds the noise inside the car of some luxury brands and reaches the highest level of the inland river green ship.

Endurance: It can reach 120 kilometers at 7 knots and can last for 8 hours. The ship adopts a working mode of “running during the day and charging at night”. Charging time is only 6 hours. According to the classic travel route between the Yangtze River Bridge and the Second Bridge, it can guarantee the operation of 8 consecutive voyages for one full charge.

Such a powerful lithium battery power system is using EVE’s high-quality LFP cell and corresponding system solutions. In the next two years, Wuhan Ferry Company will work with EVE to jointly promote the electrification of all 300 passenger ships.

EVE is the first lithium battery company listed on the IPO in China and it is the only lithium battery and system solution provider with experience in physical ship operations. As early as the rise of electric ships in 2016, EVE was awarded CCS certification by China Classification Society. At present, the total installed capacity has exceeded 30MWh, and the number of installed ships exceeds 100. More than 90% of domestic electric ships are equipped with EVE battery solutions. The application cases of electric ships include: cruising boats in major scenic spots, ferries along rivers and seas, sightseeing ships and inland river cargo ships, port tugs, and river-and-sea intermodal bulk carriers.


At present, the East Lake passenger ship powered by EVE lithium batteries has completed the electrification; 60 cruising ships in Nanjing Confucius Temple Scenic Area using EVE power system can save 1 million operating costs per year; the successful operation of pure electric tourist ship in Xinjiang Tianchiproves that EVE’s lithium battery is highly adaptable in extreme environments; the operating cost of the largest batch new energy bulk carrier in the world signed in June is expected to be reduced by 30% compared with the common commercial ship of the same type.

EVE will continue to promote the technological innovation of ship power lithium batteries and power systems, and actively promote the green electrification process of various types of ships in various scenic spots and major water systems in the country, and contribute to the prosperity of the motherland's green water and green hills!


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