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The Central Media Group interview with EVE


On July 11th, the central, provincial and municipal joint media delegation come and visited EVE as EVE was selected as one of the “high-quality development” representative enterprises. The theme of this interview is “magnificent 70 years, a new era of struggle---a promotion of high-quality development research”, led by the Propaganda Department of the Central Propaganda Department and the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, central media like CCTV Financial Channel, People’s Daily and Xinhua News Agency, in conjunction with major media representatives in the provinces and cities, conducted research and interviews with related enterprises to showcase the innovative practices and typical experiences of the Guangdong region to promote high-quality development.

At about 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the media group with more than 50 people arrived at EVE. Professor Yuan Zhongzhi, vice president and CTO of EVE, introduced the company's profile, innovation capability, industry status, talent cultivation and technology incubation to the media representatives. Through the practical application of lithium batteries, such as ETC, smart meters, EV battery systems and electric ship battery systems, Professor Yuan vividly introduced EVE’s achievements and experience in the development and manufacture of lithium batteries, especially the development of new energy vehicles, which have won great interest and attention from media representatives on site.

Subsequently, the media delegation visited the company's exhibition hall, accompanied by senior management, market and technical personnel from EVE. In the lithium primary battery display area, CCTV financial channel news reporter expressed strong interest in the application of composite power supply on ETC. Professor Yuan elaborated the characteristics of ETC composite power supply from the aspects of technological innovation, process performance and market position, unveiling the mystery of the ETC power.

As a national high-tech enterprise, EVE has always adheres to the development strategy of innovation-driven high-quality development in following aspects: adheres to technological innovation and lays out a full range of lithium battery products; promotes production mode innovation, intelligent manufacturing and smart production; adheres to marketing innovation to continue creating value for customers; promotes cognitive innovation to realize the transformation from "battery people" to "automobile people".

At present, EVE has built production base in Huizhou, Guangdong and Jingmen, Hubei. In 2019, the production capacity will reach 11GWh (excluding cylindrical cell capacity), including 6GWh prismatic LFP cell, 2GWh prismatic NCM cell, 3GWh pouch NCM cell. Total production capacity will be upgraded to 26GWh in 2020.

The power storage battery operating income in 2018 was 2.227 billion yuan, an increase of 126%. According to industry data, EVE ranks in the top three in terms of the installed capacity of new energy buses in 2018, and ranks seventh in the total installed capacity of power batteries. In the first half of 2019, EVE continued to maintain the top three in the field of new energy buses and the total installed capacity of power batteries has jumped to fifth place.

In addition, EVE’s products have been widely used in the fields of energy storage, electric ships, electric forklifts, electric two-wheelers, and are in a leading position in many market segments. EVE is contributing to the application of motherland’s green environment in a comprehensive product and market layout!

In the future, EVE will adhere to the craftsman’s spirit, create high-quality battery, strive to become the highest level representative in the industry, and contribute valuable power to the development of China's new energy vehicles!

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