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Leaders of Development Research Center of the State Council inspect EVE


Today, a team of 8 people led by Wang Yiming, Deputy Director of the Development Research Center of the State Council, accompanied by representatives of municipal government leaders, visited EVE Huizhou headquarter to inspect and investigate the company's high-quality development innovation practices and typical experiences in order to implement the economic situation analysis work. Vice President Li Mufen presided over the reception.


President Li introduced to Director Wang and other delegates with EVE’s company profile, lithium battery products, scene applications, innovation capabilities, and industry status. Among them, the rechargeable "Bean Cell", OBU composite power of ETC that contribute to the improvement of national transportation, and power batteries that promote the green electrification of various types of ships around the world, have won great attention and interest from representatives on site. Director Wang also fully affirmed the innovation team, innovation strength, and innovation results of EVE.



Facing the new situation, new requirements and new opportunities in the future, in order to continuously improve the core competitiveness of the company, EVE will always put innovation at the core and continuously promote product R&D, and technological innovation to drive quality development.The research activity was a complete success.

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