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Good news spreading! Gifts for the National Day!


The upcoming October 1st is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. The achievements in various fields in the past 70 years are innumerable, and every Chinese is greatly encouraged. EVE goes with the times, shouldering the mission of "making due contributions to solving human transportation and energy problems", defending green environment. At the eve of the National Day, EVE is bringing plenty of good news to celebrate the motherland’s 70th birthday!

Skywell 132 pure electric buses powered by EVE’s power batteries were successfully delivered to Yining Bus before the festival

Skywell New Energy Automobile Group successfully delivered the first batch of 132 pure electric buses (NJL6100EVG) to Yining Bus Group, all powered by EVE’s power batteries! On September 28th, the launching ceremony of Yining's first batch of pure electric new energy buses was held grandly, providing a more comfortable bus experience for the upcoming National Day!

The successful operation of 132 pure electric buses marked the further deepening of the strategic cooperation between EVE and Skywell Group. The two sides will work together to spare no effort in promoting the upgrading of new energy buses and constructing a green bus development system, and jointly contribute to the protection of China's green mountains and clear water!





Won the 2019 National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise

The official website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Notice of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Announcing the List of National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprises in 2019” on September 27th, identifying 53 enterprises as the National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprises in 2019. Huizhou EVE Energy Co., Ltd. is on the list!


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EVE will strive to give play to the leading role of national technology innovation demonstration enterprise, always put innovation at the core, and continuously promote product research and development, technological innovation to drive high-quality development.

Testing Center Passed National Laboratory Certification

Recently, EVE’s testing center passed the CNAS certification, marking that the level of EVE’s Testing Center reaches the highest level in the country. And it can issue the test report as an independent third party!


Proposed joint venture with SKI to build 20~25GWh power battery capacity

On September 27th, EVE released an announcement that EVE or its subsidiary EVE Asia Limited (hereinafter referred to as "EVE Asia") intends to sign a "Joint Venture Contract" with SK Innovation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SKI") to build 20~25GWh power battery capacity, mainly to meet the supporting needs of international and domestic automobile companies, in order to actively promote EVE's development in the field of new energy batteries.


EVE’s power battery market has achieved significant results and is poised for growth. According to data from the Power Battery Application Branch, EVE has won the absolute right to speak in the new energy bus and special-purpose vehicle market. From January to August this year, the new energy buses installed capacity reached 598.83MWh, firmly occupying the second place in the domestic market share; new energy special vehicles installed capacity reached 208.42MWh, ranking third.

In the field of new energy passenger vehicles, EVE’s pouch NCM cells had entered the supply chain system of international auto giants such as Daimler and Hyundai Kia. At present, passenger cars have become the core growth driver of the new energy vehicle market, and pouch NCM cells have benefited from the rapid development of downstream new energy passenger cars.

Pilot Demonstration Projects of Manufacturing Industry “Double Innovation” Platform in 2019, EVE on the list!

The official website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the “List of Pilot Demonstration Projects for the Manufacturing Industry “Double Innovation” Platform in 2019” (hereinafter referred to as “Pilot Demonstration Project”). 137 projects have been approved as pilot demonstration projects and EVE is one of them!



Add "EVE Power" to the development of the motherland

EVE focuses on the development of high-end lithium batteries and is a global supplier of IoT integrated power solutions with international advanced technology. Growing with the motherland, EVE strives to overcome the key core technologies of lithium batteries and solve the problems of innovation and development. The lithium battery business has achieved a major breakthrough, adding "EVE power" to the development of the motherland.

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