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Announcement of the review results of the 21st China Patent Award, EVE on the list!


Recently, the official website of the State Intellectual Property Office released the "Announcement of the Review Results of the 21st China Patent Award". EVE intends to be awarded as the "China Excellent Patent Award" with the patent "ZL201310699023.1--a lithium ion battery cathode material and preparation method". After the public notification period, it will be the fourth time that EVE has won the award.



The China Patent Award, established in 1989, is the only government department award in China that specifically awards inventions granted for patent rights, and has been recognized by the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The selection criteria include multiple dimensions such as patent quality, technological advancement, application and protection measures and effectiveness, social benefits and development prospects.

The acquisition of the Excellent Patent Award marks the recognition of EVE's technological innovation capabilities by the State Intellectual Property Office

Core material technology of lithium ion power battery

This patent is about the core material technology of lithium ion power battery.The aluminum oxide layer and the conductive carbon layer are alternately layered on the positive electrode active material of the battery to solve the hidden safety hazards of high specific energy battery materials and the conductivity problem at high power output.

Since established in 2001, EVE has always adhered to innovation-driven development. EVE's 19-year development history of innovation has become an important part of China's lithium battery patent development history and China's lithium battery technology development history. From primary lithium battery innovation, battery capacitor innovation, to today's lithium-ion battery innovation, EVE is striving to be the leader in each market segment and contribute "EVE innovation power" to the history of human lithium battery development.

Primary lithium battery innovation:Relying on the "Lithium battery" patent and the patent of "a safe primary lithium battery", EVE won China Excellent Patent Award in 2008 and 2009, helping upgrade the national smart grid and smart metering.

Battery capacitor innovation:In 2016, EVE won the China Excellent Patent Award for its "a cylindrical battery capacitor" patent, helping upgrade the country's intelligent transportation.

Lithium-ion battery innovation:EVE intends to be awarded as the "China Excellent Patent Award" with the patent "ZL201310699023.1--a lithium ion battery cathode material and preparation method" according to the “Announcement of Review Results of the 21st China Patent Award”, which will help the development of the new energy industry and protect the green mountains and clear waters.

Among the 1260 national patents, EVE has won “China Excellent Patent Award” for 4 times (one of them is in the public notification period), twice won the “First Prize of Science and Technology Award in Guangdong Province” and won “First Prize of Science and Technology Invention” granted by China Light Industry Federation in 2019.







Facing the new situation, new requirements and new opportunities in the future, in order to continuously improve the core competitiveness of the company, EVE will always put innovation at the core, continuously promotes product research and development, technological innovation to drive high-quality development.

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