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10th Anniversary of GEM, CCTV Finance Channel interviewed EVE


October 23, 2019 is the 10th anniversary of the launch of the GEM, which is known as the "Nasdaq in China". EVE will also celebrate the 10th anniversary of its listing on October 30th. On October 18th, CCTV Finance Channel made a special trip to EVE Huizhou headquarter to conduct an in-depth exchange with EVE’s chairman Dr. Liu Jincheng on the theme of "the 10th anniversary of the listing of the GEM, how capital help the development of enterprises".

Since listing on the GEM in 2009, EVE leverages the power of the capital platform to continuously increase its production capacity and market influence. The compound annual growth rate of operating income has exceeded 40%, and the compound annual growth rate of net profit has reached 34.7%, maintaining good momentum of sustained and rapid growth. EVE has now become a global supplier of IoT integrated power solutions with international advanced technology.


Photo: CCTV Finance Channel reporter interviewed Dr. Liu Jincheng, Chairman of EVE


During the interview, Chairman Liu introduced to CCTV reporter that the development purpose of EVE is consistent with the GEM’s. Since listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2009, EVE has raised funds three times and used the power of the capital platform to boost rapid development of the company's business.

First time in 2009, EVE listed on the GEM and raised 396 million yuan. The investment of the raised funds has enabled EVE to further consolidate the domestic leading position in the "smart metering" market segment, help upgrading the country's smart grid and facilitate the deployment of intelligent transportation--ETC. The market position of EVE’s primary lithium battery has increased from the domestic lead when it was listed to the current international leading level.

For the second time in 2015, EVE issued non-public new shares, and the total amount of funds raised did not exceed RMB 600 million. The funds raised are used for "high-performance lithium-ion battery projects", which mainly produce high-performance lithium-ion batteries used in the field of high-end consumer electronics and new energy power. After the implementation of the project, EVE introduced a world-class automated production line of high-performance lithium-ion batteries. The product quality and technical level will reach the international advanced level, and the production scale of lithium-ion batteries will also be improved, laying foundation for the continued growth of the EVE business.

For the third time in 2019, EVE issued non-public new shares, raising no more than 2.5 billion yuan for energy storage power lithium-ion batteries and high-performance lithium-ion battery projects for IoT applications. The expansion of the high-quality production capacity of energy storage power lithium-ion batteries and consumer lithium-ion batteries is an important measure to further improve and deepen the three-tiered business layout of EVE primary lithium batteries, consumer lithium-ion batteries and energy storage power batteries, helping EVE to develop into a world-class lithium battery enterprises, and reach cooperation with world-class companies, to enhance market competition and improve the company's operating efficiency with high-quality development strategies.


Photo: Dr. Liu shared the photo album of 28 entrepreneurial exchanges listed on GEM

Ten years after its listing, GEM not only provided protection for the rapid development of EVE business in the capital market, but its market normative made the company's overall operations more in line with market norms and more transparent, and thus won a higher market recognition. In addition, the employee stock ownership plan inspires every outstanding employee who has made significant contributions to the company, creating an overall working environment that is conducive to the company's sustainable development.


Photo: Dr. Liu introduces automated production lines

After ten years of rapid development, the next ten years, EVE will always drive high-quality development of the company with technological innovation, invest more funds in research and development, create a world-class lithium battery company with strong creativity, and drive the good of everything!

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