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The Chief Executive of the Head Office of ICBC, Cheng Fengchao, with his party visited EVE Energy


On the morning of August 2nd, 2017, the chief executive of the Head Office of ICBC, Cheng Fengchao, with Cheng Binhong, the deputy general manager and more than 10 people, accompanied by leaders from the provincial bank, the Huizhou branch and the Zhongkai Subbranch, visited EVE Energy. Dr. Liu Jincheng, Chairman and President of EVE Energy, extended a warm welcome to the leaders of ICBC and accompanied them visit our exhibition hall and cylindrical battery automation workshop.


    In our new exhibition hall, Dr. Liu introduced the development course, products and markets, the construction of automated production lines, the achievements of technological innovation and the future development strategy of EVE Energy to the visiting leaders. Cheng Fengzhao affirmed the rapid development of EVE Energy, as well as the leading position in many segments of lithium batteries. He particularly recognized the technical level and market position of EVE Energy in power battery and the power applications of the Internet of things.


In the research forum, Cheng Fengchao said that in the Internet of things, in addition to the chips, sensors, the battery is also an indispensable part. EVE Energy will be promising in the Internet of things era. Cheng used the process of planting trees as a metaphor for the development of enterprises. As the growth of trees need water, the development of enterprises need funds. ICBC will continue to support the development of EVE Energy. The director of ICBC Huizhou Branch, Xu Xiaofei also said that they will continue to support EVE Energy in their financial needs in business, project investment and other aspects, and wished EVE Energy to grow into "a towering tree."



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