Lithium Iron Disulfide

·Wide operating temperature(-40℃~+60℃)

·High current or high current pulse output capability

·Excellent low temperature performance

·Anti external short circuit PTC design

·Safety valve design

·UL recognized (file number MH28717)

·UN recognized

·RoHS compliance



  • ER34615
  • ER34615
  • ER34615
  • ER34615


  • 3.6V
  • 3.6V
  • 3.6V
  • 3.6V


锂亚容量电池 ER34615 容量3.6V 1699元

Product  Overview


Cylindrical lithium iron disulfide batteries use iron disulfide for the cathode, lithium for the anode, and a lithium salt in an organic solvent blend as the electrolyte.Since lithium iron disulfide batteries are low-voltage primary batteries and have an operating voltage platform of 1.5V, they have interchangeability with alkaline manganese batteries, Ni-MH batteries, carbon batteries or zinc silver batteries having the same size.


Key Feature


Sufficient Power:

The lithium iron disulfide battery has far greater power than carbon and alkaline manganese batteries primary battery types.

Lighter Quality:

Considerably lighter than other1.5V battery types, only 2/3 of alkaline manganese battery.

Wider Temperature Range:

The lithium iron disulfide battery has wider operating temperature from as low as -40°C up to +60°C, especially the low temperature performance is prominent.

Higher Operating Voltage and Flatter Discharge Curve:

Especially suitable for large current discharge, higher operating voltage and flatter discharge curve than other primary battery types.

Long Shelf Life:

The lithium iron disulfide battery will retain approximately 80% of its capacity after 10+ years of storage at room temperature.

Superior Leakage Resistance:

The lithium iron disulfide battery has been put in the equipment for a long time without leakage or corrosion.

Environment Friendly:

RoHS Compliance.


UL recognized (file number MH 28717)

UN recognized

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