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Solar Cooling System:

The rich solar energy, besides water energy is one of the most capable resources to  solve energy crisis, the solar cooling system could make best use of solar energy resource, guarantee the refrigeration house to work when engine stops which is  energy conservation and emissions reduction, it also can extend the life of the transmitter.

Intelligent Bulletin Board of Bus Station :

Bus company Smart operation, new ways of working. To make the urban public transport more “Smart” by providing 4 sets of 48V50Ah in parallel to supply power for smart bulletin board of bus station. Both in daytime and at night, the battery pack will provide power to the bulletin board, while at night, the electricity of Power grid will charge the battery pack, by off-peak power operation, it reduces the cost, save energy and reduce emission.



  • ER34615
  • ER34615
  • ER34615
  • ER34615


  • 3.6V
  • 3.6V
  • 3.6V
  • 3.6V


锂亚容量电池 ER34615 容量3.6V 1699元

Telecom  Storage  System

Provide professional customized solution such as "smart bus station" in the Smart City, "green cold chain transport " and other fields.

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