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Lithium Primary Battery Technical Center

As one of the significant business, lithium primary battery has been dedicating in the application of new material and technology with the upgrading of traditional lithium primary battery manufacture, to improve the ability and reliability of lithium primary battery. The team now possesses a number of electrochemistry doctors, masters and experienced lithium primary battery design engineers, cover from electrochemistry, machine design, electronic and power electronics, material, safety and battery reliability, focuses on highly safety, reliability and performance battery system.

Lithium battery center now possesses 2 large laboratories, including material analysis laboratory, electrochemistry analysis room, safe test and pilot scale test. The center is equipped with test, analysis and experiment ability in lithium primary battery life cycle. 2017, the company kept devoting effort to the research and development of lithium primary battery, and constructed the 14-thousand square meter lithium primary research building to concentrating on solid cathode lithium battery research.



Researching Field



Currently, EVE lithium primary battery technical center build two equipment test laboratories, material analysis laboratory, electrochemistry laboratory, safety laboratory and trial production line to verify product function. Moreover, our technical team own ability of testing and analyzing all of tests within battery life cycle rely on this test center.


Reliability technical center

TAM Air (VI)

So Far, there is no reliability test standard for Lithium thionyl chloride batteries. Generally measure life cycle through long-term discharge, extrapolation and micro calorimeter test method. Both in China and abroad it reach consensus about testing self-discharge with the Micro-calorimeter.

As is well-known, All of chemistry, physics and life process along with heating effect. It can measure very tiny heating effect during these processes through microcalorimetry technology. Moreover, microcalorimetry technology has significant function during modern science development, because it is a non-destructive and non-invasive technology. It doesn’t need do any sample processing, doesn’t limit physical state of samples. Microcalorimetry can provide real-time quantitative data.  It has comprehensive application from determining stability of inorganic material to researching complicated metabolic process of biological system.

Therefore, Our company import multichannel TAM VI. TAM VI is the first one in domestic. The calorimeter precision can reach nW level. EVE test self-discharge rate of Lithium thionyl chloride batteries with TAM VI machine, trust it can assist us to know battery more and provide guide for producing high-quality battery.


Imported high accurity testing system, have the ability to perform Pulse Inspection and DC Inner Resistence Evaluating.

Battery discharging system

Suitable for single battery inspection according to UL1642 and IEC60086-4

Environment protecting and safty performance testing

In order to ensure the safty of the batteries, keep testing the environment protecting and safty performance test, fulfill UL1642 and IEC60086-4

Impact testing equipment

Simulate the impact status during tranportation

Pressure resistence testing equipment

Simulate the presure status during waste treatment

Battery Impalement testing equipment

Simulate the impalement status during waste treatment

Burning testing equipment

Simulate the status in the fire, inspect the fire resistance of the batteries.

High-low temperature cycling testing equipment

To inspect the battery sealing performance under rapid variation of temperature

Electrical vibration testing equipment

Simulate the vibration during transportation

Exposure Durability Testing Room

Simulate the real using environment.





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