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Focusing on cutting-edge technology in new energy industry, Li-ion battery technical center attaches high importance to New Energy Power Solution and Energy Storage Li-ion batteries, include the related new material and key technologies. In addition, they are also researching the key material and manufacturing technology of high pulse and wide temperature range Li-ion batteries and capacitors. For the Li-ion battery solutions which are developed for wearable products, they are keep improving the key technology to satisfy the requirements of ultra-thin shape, flexibility, high energy and high power. The experts continuously develop high safety power and energy storage battery structure, module and system integration technique. They keep introducing, digesting and absorbing advanced battery technology, therefore to make innovations constantly. Also, the center starts industry-university-research cooperation with colleges and universities at home and abroad, thus, to enhance capability of independent innovation and widen technical horizon. Meanwhile, it implements significant technology project and technology popularization and application. Furthermore, it offers engineering technology confirmation and validation, technical consultation and support service, continuously outputs high-level talents in R&D and management.





The research and development team is composed of academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 973 technicians, professor expert panels, senior engineers, engineers and laboratory technicians, among which, more than 35% are master degrees and doctor degrees. Their majors cover material science, material physics and chemistry, electrochemistry, analytical chemistry, chemistry and chemical engineering, electronics and circuit and mechanical design etc. Owing diverse discipline background, it maintains industry-university-research cooperation with many famous universities, like University of Maryland, Wuhan University and South China University of Technology, therefore, to ensure the successful implementation of product design and development and industrialization.

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