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Ship Power Battery Safety White Paper released, EVE helps build a safer "Green Heart"


On December 3rd, China Classification Society (CCS) grandly held the Green Technology Forum during the 20th Marintec China 2019, and officially released the "Ships Battery Power Safety Industry Analysis Report" white paper jointly prepared by CCS, EVE and other units. 

On December 5th, Sang Tian, Vice President of EVE, attended the white paper technical presentation of the ship power battery system industry analysis report and published a theme report on "Safety Analysis of Ship Power Battery Systems", which attracted wide attention from many industry experts at the exhibition.


Mr. Sang shared that the LFP cell produced by EVE's subsidiary EVE Power has safety advantages, which can meet the high requirements of electrical, mechanical, thermal, electromagnetic compatibility, and environmental safety functions for ship power battery system applications. 5 types of products: LF75, LF80, LF90, LF105 and LF280, have obtained CCS Type Approval Certificates, and the entire series has passed TüV Rheinland’s explosion-proof certificate.

At present, the number of installed ships is more than 200 which had been applied to cruise ships, painted pleasure-boats, ferries, steamers, sightseeing ships, fish farming, and bulk carriers. On April 28, 2018, the "East Lake" new energy antique ship that Premier Modi took in Wuhan is powered by EVE’s power batteries.

Mr. Sang pointed out that EVE has built a mature and stable ship power battery module and system solution based on multi-dimensional design such as thermal design, temperature equalization, electric equalization, DC bus, safety early warning, and strategic control. Focusing on active safety design and passive safety design, security thinking is embedded in every application detail.

In the active safety design, EVE combines the active trigger mechanism, active monitoring and early warning, single battery pack isolation, and electrical safety design to improve the safety factor. When the full life cycle reaches the active early warning threshold, an active alarm is issued to prompt processing. Among them, the monitoring and early warning include voltage monitoring, temperature monitoring, insulation detection, gas detection, current limit, and differential pressure monitoring. When the current exceeds the limit and short circuit, the battery pack is actively disconnected and isolated.

As for the passive safety design, when any triggering conditions are detected, the corresponding function is triggered immediately and passively. Through the structural safety, insulation safety, protection safety, rapid heat dissipation, fire prevention and flame retardant, pressure relief, and box-type fire protection design, the crisis processing time (15min) is reserved.

At the same time, EVE’s testing center has obtained the national laboratory accreditation certificate, which can fully guarantee the realization of high-quality, high-reliability and high safety ship power battery systems.

In the future, EVE will always uphold the concept of "safety is the natural property of power batteries", and will continue to promote the technological innovation of ship power lithium batteries and battery systems, and promote the green electrification of various types of ships worldwide!

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