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EVE Power obtained two authoritative certifications on after-sales service system


Recently, EVE Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “EVE Power”) successfully passed the audit of Beijing SKY Certification Center and won two authoritative certifications on after-sales service system: "NECAS National Commodity After-sales Service Certification Five-star" and "CTEAS After-sales Service System Completeness Certification Seven-star”.


NECAS National Commodity After-sales Service Certification Five-star


CTEAS After-sales Service System Completeness Certification Seven-star


CTEAS After-sales Service System Completeness Certification

Beijing SKY Certification Center was established by the Ministry of Commerce to undertake the certification of national commodity after-sales service standards across the country. It is a certification center approved by the CNCA (CNCA-R-2007-152) and is an international and domestic authoritative organization engaged in brand certification and service certification.

On May 21, 2020, an expert review team from Beijing SKY Certification Center, in accordance with the relevant standards of "GB/T27922-2011 Commodity After-sales Service Evaluation System" and "CTEAS1001-2017 After-sales Service System Completeness Evaluation Specification", conducted a comprehensive review of EVE Power to evaluate the effectiveness of its after-sales service system. In the end, the review team unanimously agreed that the after-sales service system of EVE Power meets the requirements of national laws and regulations and national standards that the after-sales service system is effective and the service execution ability can meet the needs of product services.

Obtaining the two authoritative certifications, EVE Power will always adhere to the customer service principle of "Take ‘do the best' as responsibility and never perfunctory any detail", quickly respond to the diverse and personalized needs of customers to provide customers with more professional, efficient and quality service.

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