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EVE and Alibaba signed annual cooperation agreement


On the morning of September 1st, the signing ceremony of the "Annual Cooperation Agreement" between EVE and Alibaba was held at Alibaba's Binjiang Headquarter. Huang Weiyan, Senior Vice President of EVE, the online business team, and Alibaba’s Deputy General Manager Feng Fan and Alibaba SKA project team attended the signing ceremony.



The signing of the contract will further enhance the cooperation between EVE and Alibaba.

Relying on 1688’s B2B platform, Alibaba Group has already strategically deployed the Industrial Internet. 1688’s industrial product branch is committed to becoming the world's largest industrial product procurement and marketing platform, searching for offline high-quality suppliers as its strategic partners and providing global marketing solutions for powerful industrial brands through strategic cooperation method by the 1688 super key merchant industrial brand export team. The purpose is to create a number of benchmark brands for the digitalization of industrial products.



“We always believe that products are the core competitiveness, and we must make the best product, better than the overseas counterpart!” EVE’s Senior VP Huang Weiyan said, “We strongly believe that China's future development will become better and better. We have the confidence and ability to make our country’s lithium batteries the best in the world. Only by adhering to the "craftsman spirit" to make good products, can we win the trust of our customers and win the market.”


Feng Fan, deputy general manager of Alibaba, said, “One of the most important things for Alibaba this year is to screen out the sellers who make high-quality products. When SKA does business design, it is to find sellers with the craftsman spirit in the industry. Let the high-quality supply be seen and recognized by more people, and maximize the customer's brand value."

Pioneer of lithium battery innovation   

Complete power supply solution provider

EVE is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the innovation and development of lithium batteries. Adhering to a high-quality development strategy, EVE continues to focus on high-end lithium battery technology and products. EVE has core technologies for primary lithium batteries, small lithium-ion batteries, and power batteries, dedicating to providing green and high-energy, safe and reliable power solutions for the IoT and the energy Internet.


Primary lithium battery

Best-selling in China for 4 consecutive years*

*According to statistics from China Industrial Association of Power Sources, sales revenue and export value of EVE’s primary lithium battery ranked first in China for 4 consecutive years from 2016 to 2019.

Products include lithium-thionyl chloride batteries, lithium-manganese dioxide batteries, battery capacitors (SPC), etc., which are used in various areas such as smart meters, intelligent transportation, smart security, medical equipment, E-call system, oil drilling, GPS tracking, Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), radio frequency identification (RFID) and other IoT applications.




Small lithium-ion battery

In-depth cooperation with well-known brands at home and abroad

Products include pouch cells, the Bean Cell, 18650 cylindrical cells, etc., which are used in electronic atomizers, smart wearables, Bluetooth devices, TWS headsets, power tools, gardening tools, e-scooters, etc.

EVE has established in-depth partnerships with top-ranked companies at home and abroad in the electronic atomizer market and smart wearables market to provide them with high-quality products and services. EVE's cylindrical NCM cell has expanded its consumer applications and successfully entered the high-end customer market for power tools and e-scooters.




Power Battery

Cooperation with well-known automobile manufacturers and enterprises

EVE’s power batteries include NCM and LFP series. Products include prismatic LFP cells, large pouch NCM cells and prismatic NCM cells, which are used in new energy vehicles, electric ships, Telecom ESS, Grid ESS, wind and solar ESS, etc.

In the field of new energy vehicles, EVE has formed cooperation with well-known automobile manufacturers at home and abroad; in the field of energy storage, EVE has established cooperative relations with well-known large customers in the industry.



Explore the Internet+

Upgrade Omni-channel mode

In the future, EVE will continue to explore new opportunities for the development of the lithium battery industry in the "Internet+" era. Integrate leading resources from all walks of life to introduce more diversified marketing models and rich products into the e-commerce platform, challenge new opportunities for cross-border e-commerce, enhance and consolidate EVE’s brand reputation, and provide global customers with high-quality lithium battery products and services.

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