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IECIE Shenzhen ECIG Expo Opens! Exploring the "Black-tech" of EVE’s lithium batteries!


Today, the influential IECIE Shenzhen ECIG Expo officially opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.

EVE brought a variety of lithium-ion batteries with advanced technology and superior performance for electronic atomizers to the expo, providing ample power and innovation for the "Vape Culture”



As the lithium battery core brand in the electronic atomizer industry, EVE adheres to the mission of "providing high-reliability lithium batteries for the society" to provide high-quality lithium batteries for electronic atomizer brands at home and abroad. The on-site booth has attracted many global atomizers industry experts to come to consult and negotiate.



Layout of full series of lithium battery products

In-depth cooperation with industry core brands


In the field of global electronic atomizer, EVE is a pioneer in lithium battery technology innovation and continues to inject new momentum into the development of the industry. EVE has a full series of lithium battery products for electronic atomizers, such as cylindrical pouch cells, prismatic pouch cells and cylindrical cells, which have characteristics of high-rate discharge, fast charging and long cycle life. 

At present, EVE has established a long-term partnership with the core brands of international electronic atomizers. Products equipped with EVE’s lithium batteries have been spread all over the world, winning the trust of global consumers. EVE's market share and brand influence are constantly being consolidated and improved. Meanwhile, EVE's innovative lithium battery technology is deeply rooted in the hearts of global electronic atomizer brand experts.

Fully automated intelligent manufacturing

Every battery is ingenious

 The charm of EVE comes not only from its strong technical strength, but also from its adherence to quality, which brings consumers a better experience.


EVE has always insisted on using advanced technology and high-precision equipment to create the highest quality lithium battery. The lithium-ion battery automated production line is based on unmanned operation and adopts advanced manufacturing, control and detection technologies to realize the automation of the entire process, improve the reliability and safety of the battery, making a manufacturing mode breakthrough in the lithium-ion battery industry.




Never cease to innovate

Explore the atomization future

 Atomization products such as humidifiers, face steamers, mist generators and medical atomizers have entered most families. As the atomization technology continues to mature, it will be applied to more scenarios.

In the future, EVE will continue to innovate, create food-grade safe lithium-ion batteries, and provide abundant electricity and innovation for the "Vape Culture”.

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