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 "Xiong’an Monitoring No. 1" new energy electric ship was successfully delivered!


Recently, the first environmental emergency monitoring ship "Xiong'an Monitoring No. 1" was delivered, injecting new power for the development of the New Area. The ship was built by CSSC 712 Institute and equipped with EVE Power’s power battery. After being put into operation, the monitoring ship will significantly improve the New Area's ability to monitor Baiyangdian water quality, improve emergency monitoring, command and dispatch capabilities to respond to environmental pollution emergencies and pollution accidents, which is of great significance to the green development of the ecological environment of the New Area.


In view of the high threshold of ships for power batteries, the high safety of ship power batteries is one of the key concerns of the industry. The batteries are required to be unaffected under wet and bumpy conditions to ensure the normal operation of ships. "Xiong’an Monitoring No. 1" is one of the standard ship types for new energy industrialization. As a pure electric new energy work ship, the ship is equipped with a high-safety level of EVE Power’s LFP system, whose concept perfectly integrates the theme of green environmental protection.

EVE Power is a domestic supplier of lithium batteries and system solutions with physical ship operation experience. Its LFP cells have become core choice of current ship power battery due to the high safety, long life, balanced performance, and high cost performance. As early as 2016, EVE’s marine batteries obtained the CCS certificate, and obtained the German Rheinland explosion-proof certificate in 2019. Up to now, more than 200 electric ships were equipped with EVE Power’s ship battery including pleasure boats in scenic spots, ferries along the river and sea, sightseeing ships,  inland cargo ferries, port tugs and river-sea intermodal bulk carriers.

Ship electrification is the future development direction and also an important path for the shipbuilding industry to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, transformation and upgrading. In the future, EVE Power will continue to promote the technological innovation of ship power products, actively show the responsibility for building green ecological development, and make contributions to the sustainable development of society.

Disclaimer: The pictures in this article comes from WeChat public account "CSSC"

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