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EVE attended the 15th International Conference on China Urban Water Development and Expo of New Technologies and Facilities


As the core event in the field of China urban water affairs and environment integrated control and urban development and planning, the 15th International Conference on China Urban Water Development and Expo of New Technologies and Facilities held together for the first time at Hangzhou International Expo Center from November 17th to 18th.


EVE presented the expo with smart water metering comprehensive solution, showing EVE’s advanced technology and innovative products and the will to jointly explore the development of the water industry. 


Under the new normal economic environment, our country attaches great importance to pollution prevention and control, urban planning and ecological civilization construction. EVE is committed to the practice of smart water development with the comprehensive solution of IoT power supply and actively responds to the national concept of water ecological restoration and ecological civilization construction with lithium battery technology innovation, and promotes the upgrading of smart water metering and the water development.


The stand of EVE attracted experts and customers from water industry to communicate.. With advanced technical advantages, high stability products and high reliability comprehensive solution for smart water metering, EVE has won customers' choice and high recognition.




The lithium thionyl chloride battery and capacitor composite power solution independently developed by EVE combined the advantages of long life of lithium sub-battery and large pulse output from battery capacitors, effectively ensuring more stable, accurate and long-life operation of water meters. Has more than 8 years of practical application experience and good market feedback.


At the same time, the technical team conducted high-standard effective capacity research, self-discharge rate test, wide temperature adaptability research, high temperature and high humidity test and other reliability tests based on the ER26500+SPC1520 power supply program. The data under the test conditions showed that the program can meet ten The service life is more than years, the annual self-discharge rate is less than 2%, and it can be used in the temperature range of -30℃ to +70℃. EVE composite power solution has the characteristics of long life, high reliability, good stability and safety.


EVE continues to promote the innovation of lithium battery technology, help the water development, and make digital cities better and safer.

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