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High Appraisal from WMCC


On November 24, the Sixth Committee Meeting of Water Meter Committee of China Metrology Association was held in Huizhou. Today, LUO Xinyuan, chairman of the China Metrology Association, and YAO Ling, secretary general, and more than 30 people including committee members of the Water Meter Committee, members of the expert group, and leaders of water meter companies visited the headquarters of EVE in Huizhou, Guangdong for an investigation and in-depth understanding of the comprehensive solution for smart water meter power supply by EVE.




The Water Meter Committee of the China Metrology Association is a social organization in the water meter industry in China, which was established in 1998 with the approval of the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The Water Meter Committee aims to play a role as a bridge and link between the government and enterprises and has an important influence.


Experts and members of the Water Meter Committee of the China Metrology Association visited the exhibition hall "Lithium Battery World" and automated production line of EVE. EVE’s international and systematic strong R&D team, automated and informatized advanced manufacturing technology and comprehensive solutions have been fully affirmed.




With the acceleration of the construction of smart cities, the demand for the smart water meter industry continues to increase. As the core component of smart water meters, lithium battery technology advancement will boost the rapid development of smart water meters.

As a comprehensive power supply solution provider for the Internet of things, EVE has a highly reliable smart water meter power supply solution. With its advanced technical advantages and high-quality products, it has won good reputation from the market. The Li-SOCl₂ batteries and super pulse battery capacitor hybrid power solution independently developed by EVE utilized the long lifespan of Li-SOCl₂ batteries and large pulse current capability of the battery capacitors, effectively facilitates more reliability , accuracy and long-lifespan operation of water meters. EVE has more than 8 years of field application experiences and good feedback from the market.


This inspection activity enhanced the understanding between the units of the Water Meter Working Committee of China Metrology Association and EVE, and played an important role in further strengthening business exchanges and promoting the development of smart water affairs. EVE will continue to promote the innovation of lithium battery technology to help the rapid development of smart cities and new infrastructure!



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