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59 Places YoY Increase — EVE ranked 100th on the Leaderboard of " Hurun China 500 Most Valuable Private Companies 2020”


On November 25, the Hurun Research Institute released Hurun China 500 Most Valuable Private Companies 2020. EVE ranked 100th on the list, an increase of 59 places year-on-year.


Extract of  "Hurun China 500 Most Valuable Private Companies 2020”

This year's entry threshold is US$ 3.4 bn, an increase of US$ 9 bn CNY(about 1.3 billion USD), an increase of 64% compared to last year. The total value of the listed companies increased by 20 trillion CNY (about 3.0 trillion USD) over last year, reaching 56 trillion yuan, an equivalent of nearly 60% of China's GDP last year. The average market value is 110 billion CNY(about 16 billion USD), an increase of 39 billion CNY(about 5.73 billion USD), an increase of 55% over last year.

EVE is one of the few solution providers in the lithium battery industry that have comprehensive solutions for both consumer batteries and automotive/ESS batteries. EVE can provide green, high-energy, safe and reliable power solutions for the global IoT and energy Internet. With a strong international and well organized R&D team, automated and information-based advanced manufacturing technology, and comprehensive solutions, EVE has steadily increased its market share in various niche markets. From smart cities, smart logistics, smart agriculture, smart retail, smart homes, smart wearables, smart meters, smart security, smart medical, intelligent transportation, power tools, electric two-wheelers, to new energy vehicles, new energy ships, ESS and other fields, EVE's battery business has covered widely in listed fields.

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