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International Battery Seminar: Dr. Peng from EVE delivered a speech on high-energy density lithium metal batteries, receiving strong attention


The 38th Annual International Battery Seminar will be held from March 9 to 11 virtually.

EVE is the premier sponsor for this seminar and Dr. Peng Yanqiu from EVE’s Advanced Battery Research Institute delivered a speech on Automating the Manufacturing Process for High-energy Density Lithium Metal Batteries.


Founded in 1983, the International Battery Seminar is the longest-running annual battery industry event in the world. It has always been the preferred venue to announce significant developments, new products, and showcase the most advanced battery technology.

At the conference, Dr. Peng shared that with the changes in the lithium battery application market, the requirements for energy density are getting higher and higher. The lithium metal battery using lithium metal as the negative electrode has been selected as one of the “Top Ten Breakthrough Technologies” in 2021 because of its high specific capacity (3860 mAh/g).


However, there is still a long way for the commercialization of the lithium metal batteries. On one hand, the lithium dendrites produced by the uneven dissolution and deposition of lithium metal seriously affect the cycle and safety of the battery; on the other hand, how to break through the technical problems such as the process engineering of the automated production of lithium metal batteries is still not taken seriously.

Dr. Peng pointed out that EVE's Advanced Battery Research Institute has been focusing on the research of lithium metal batteries in recent years. By systematically analyzing the principles of each key process and related equipment, adopting new lithium metal materials, new equipment and parameter optimization, automatic slitting and semi-automatic stacking are realized. The stacking of lithium metal batteries only takes 1.7 minutes and has been verified on the development of lithium-sulfur batteries. In future, the fully automatic stacking process will be realized through the development of slitting- stacking integrated equipment, which will provide reliable technical support for the high-energy density lithium metal batteries.

After the speech, Dr. Peng exchanged with the international battery experts online.


In future, the high-energy density lithium metal batteries will play an important role in the field of consumer electronics, new energy vehicles and energy storage. EVE will continue to promote the technological innovation of lithium battery to create a better life.

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