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Dr. Liu Jincheng donated $1.5 million for the construction of "Chuan-Sin Cha Hall" of Wuhan University, in memory of his mentor


On December 25th, the opening ceremony of "Chuan-Sin Cha Hall" was held in Wuhan University. It was a building donated by Dr. Liu Jincheng, chairman of EVE, aiming to cultivate high-end talents and conduct electrochemistry research.




Meanwhile, EVE had reached an agreement with Wuhan University and Wuhan University Education & Development Foundation to set up Chuan-Sin Cha Chair Professor Fund and EVE Chair Professor Fund, sponsored by EVE. Appoint Professor Zhuang Lin, dean of the College of Chemistry and Molecular Science, as the "Chuan-Sin Cha Chair Professor" and Professor Ai Xinping as the "EVE Chair Professor". In addition, Dr. Liu Jincheng personally funded the “Journal of Electrochemistry" to expand the academic influence of the journal.



Executive representatives of EVE, together with Dou Xiankang, President of Wuhan University, Li Ziyuan, Vice President of Wuhan University, Lu Changning, Secretary of CPC Committee of College of Chemistry and Molecular Science, Professor Zhuang Lin, Dean of College of Chemistry and Molecular Science and Professor Ai Xinping attended the ceremony.

Inheritance of the electrochemistry dream


To deeply memorize his mentor-- Academician Chuan-Sin Cha, who passed away on August 1, 2019, Dr. Liu Jincheng named the building as "Chuan-Sin Cha Hall", which gained unanimous recognition from Wuhan University alumni from all over the world.


As one of the important founders of modern electrochemistry in China, Academician Chuan-Sin Cha has devoted his life to the research and personnel training related to electrochemistry. He is an outstanding educator, being the first person to advocate the restoration of the college entrance exam and has made important contributions to the reform and development of China's higher education. At the same time, he is the respectful graduate tutor of Dr. Liu, has been guiding the technical work of EVE for many times at the very beginning of its establishment. The rapid growth of EVE is inseparable from the care, guidance and help of Academician Zha.


Dr. Liu shared at the opening ceremony that “it is a very glorious, interesting and meaningful thing to conduct research under the guide of Mr. Zha. EVE still maintain high-quality development in this challenging year 2020. In 2021, we will have a stronger ability to participate in the development of power batteries and energy storage related to the electrochemical field. EVE has already established a global advanced R&D team that the future business is promising. As long as there’s a need for the development of Wuhan University and the development of electrochemistry, I assure the president that I will do my best and spare no effort to do this job well. I am proud of myself as a student of Wu University, a student of Mr. Zha and a student of Mr. Yang. I am willing to do my best to return to my alma mater”.



"Chuan-Sin Cha Hall" condenses Dr. Liu's eternal memory of Mr. Zha, deep friendship with alma mater and his sincere feelings for the development of chemistry. The building carries Academician Zha’s persistent spirit in pursuing science, creative academic spirit, rigorous and serious academic attitude, which will continue to nurture and inspire generations of electrochemical students in the future to overcome core technical problems of electrochemistry and work together to develop China's electrochemical technology to a world-class level.


Dr. Liu always remembers Mr. Zha's instruction on his 85th birthday that "take the mission and make due contributions to the advancement of transportation energy for the mankind".

The completion of the "Chuan-Sin Cha Hall" will strengthen the cooperation between EVE and Wuhan University and further enhance EVE’s research and development capabilities and innovation capabilities, jointly promotes the application of new energy materials in the field of lithium batteries, fulfilling Academician Zha's instructions.


Set up the Chair Professor Fund

At the opening ceremony, on behalf of EVE, Dr. Liu signed an agreement with Wuhan University and Wuhan University Education Development Foundation to set up Chuan-Sin Cha Chair Professor Fund and EVE Chair Professor Fund, sponsored by EVE.


Dr. Liu pointed out that the establishment of "Chuan-Sin Cha Chair Professor Fund” aims to carry forward the academic achievements and academic spirit of Professor Zha and to support the construction and development of the Electrochemistry discipline of Wuhan University, cultivate high-level leading talents in the discipline and provide financial support for the construction of top talents in the discipline of chemistry. The fund of "EVE Chair Professor" is established to provide financial support for the construction of top talents in the research of electrochemical lithium batteries, allowing EVE to maintain an advanced level on lithium battery technology in the world.

At the scene, Professor Zhuang Lin, Dean of the College of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences was appointed as the "Chuan-Sin Cha Chair Professor", and Professor Ai Xinping was appointed as the "EVE Chair Professor".




Professor Zhuang shared that he would like to select "Chuan-Sin Cha Chair Professor" through global recruitment in the future to build the brand of Wuhan Electrochemistry Department.

Funded the Journal of Electrochemistry to carry forward the academic light


Afterwards, the signing ceremony of the donation agreement of the Journal of Electrochemistry was held.


The Journal of Electrochemistry was founded in 1995 by the older generation of scientists, namely Academician Chuan-Sin Cha, Academician Tian Zhaowu and Academician Wu Haoqing, embodies the professors' dedicated research, love and persistence in electrochemistry. The journal adheres to academic orientation, aiming to timely reflect the latest research achievements and trends in the field of electrochemistry in China and promote academic exchanges at home and abroad. It has become a high-level professional academic journal integrating the basic research and technical application of electrochemistry.


With this donation, Dr. Liu aims to support the development of the electrochemistry discipline and to enhance the academic influence of the Journal of Electrochemistry. Dr. Liu will serve as an editorial board member and EVE as the co-organizer for this journal to jointly promote the innovation and development of Journal of Electrochemistry.


Unforgettable Student-teacher Love

When the dream blooms like a flower, we have already understood the perseverance behind the beauty. EVE has now become one of the few core suppliers in the lithium battery industry that owns comprehensive solutions for both consumer batteries and power batteries. Along the way, EVE has always insisted on driving development with technological innovation. The 1,000-people R&D team led by Dr. Liu has been advancing on the road of conquering the key technologies of lithium batteries.


Dr. Liu Jincheng and EVE have been supporting the development of electrochemistry by actively practicing corporate social responsibility and jointly promoting the innovation of lithium battery technology to better serve the society and make contributions to solving the transportation and energy problems of mankind.


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