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EVE’s 10000th XP Power Battery line-off ceremony was successfully held!


On April 16th, EVE’s 10000th XP Power Battery line-off ceremony was successfully held. Mr. Huang Guomin, General Manager of the System Production Line, and Mr. Deng Yuanxiong, Deputy General Manager, together with XP customer representatives Mr. Zhou Zhenhua and Mr. Tang Chaolong attended the ceremony to witness the line-off of the 10,000th NCM pouch cell passenger car power battery.


Director Luo Wanliang presided over the event and announced the official start of the 10,000th XP power battery line-off ceremony.

Deng Yuanxiong summarized the process from receiving the project appointment to the line-off of the 10000th power battery, expressed his sincere thanks to XP for their trust and recognition, and displayed the commendation letter issued by XP on the spot.

He mentioned, "In order to make the product more professionally, we organized management colleagues to carry out VDA6.3 training and assessment. Adhering to the chairman’s concept of 'batteries are products of conscience', we always maintain a serious attitude and awe towards batteries, do a good job in every detail and implement the control of every risk point."


Later, XP’s SQE Manager Zhou Zhenhua gave a speech, expressing full affirmation of the achievement of "zero-kilometer defect rate". At the same time, he expressed his gratitude to the completion of the quality target, and hoped to achieve better results in the subsequent cooperation with EVE to reach win-win.


Huang Guomin, the general manager, said, "With the continuous improvement and tireless efforts of all the production line staffs, we have achieved 0-km 24 PPM in 2020 and 0 PPM in Q1 of 2021, obtaining the commendation letter from the customer, realizing the promise of 'taking the lead in becoming the benchmark enterprise of pouch cell pack'."


"Since we passed the PPAP audit on March 10, 2020, we have always implemented the quality policy of "focusing on customer needs, being extremely serious, resolutely achieving the highest standards in the industry and continuously improving the quality of products and services", and constantly pursue the quality goal of ‘0-km 0PPM and customer satisfaction rate more than 90%’."


Through the intensive cooperation of all personnel in the system production line, in just 10 months, the zero-kilometer defect rate has achieved 0 PPM for 6 consecutive months, and the product quality has been highly recognized by customers.


In the future, EVE will serve domestic and international customers with higher quality requirements and a more rigorous working attitude.We’ll give play to the industry advantages, provide customers with high-reliability product solutions and make due contributions to solving the transportation and energy problems of human beings.

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