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EVE passed TISAX’s highest information security level assessment (AL3)!


Recently, EVE successfully passed the TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) assessment (AL3), the highest level of information security by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association, which indicates that EVE has the ability to meet the information security requirements of European automotive companies and has laid a solid foundation for the company's steady development in the high-end automotive field.

TISAX was founded by VDA and ENX Association and it has been adopted by many well-known automobile manufacturers such as BMW and Daimler. The pass of TISAX has become one of the important access conditions for them to choose suppliers.

TISAX provides a unified and binding standard for information security assessment in the automotive industry, and the assessment results are recognized by other participants, so as to achieve mutual security trust between companies in the automotive industry.

EVE has formed a professional team to implement relevant information security management work according to European automotive industry standards. It only took about half a year from project approval to passing the assessment. The construction and operation of the information security management system has been highly praised by experts from KPMG, the assessment agency.


Currently, information security has become one of the key factors for success in the automotive field. The successful pass of the TISAX assessment means that the information security level of EVE has been recognized by the European automotive industry and has established an information security management system that is in line with Europe, which will help the company's steady development in the high-end automotive field.

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