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Vice President of EVE Power, Steven Chen: Building an energy storage lithium platform to help achieve carbon neutrality



Vice President of EVE Power, Steven Chen, speaks at the 11th China International Energy Storage Conference (collated)

Many thanks the 11th China International Energy Storage Conference for providing me the opportunity to share some of the recent work done in the energy storage industry in terms of lithium batteries.

The previous speakers have given a lot of excellent sharing around the topic of carbon neutrality and peak carbon emissions in the entire energy storage industry. Today, I mainly share some of the work carried out around building a lithium battery platform that supports energy storage.

Carbon neutrality: The Main Theme of New Energy Development

The solemn promise made by President Xi, “China commit to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060”, defines the main theme of our new energy development in the following 30 to 40 years.

The global carbon emission industry situation chart shows that the high carbon emission indexes in electricity, transportation and industrial sectors are the key directions to focus on in future work of reducing carbon emissions.

The cornerstone for achieving Energy Internet: Electricity and Information Management

In the future, constructing Energy Internet from the physical layer, data layer and operational layer will be an irreversible trend. We believe that the management of electricity and information is the cornerstone for achieving Energy Internet. How do we understand this?

First of all, in terms of the physical layer, the centralized or distributed energy storage systems and new energy vehicles that we are very familiar with are some of the physical applications of the Energy Internet. As for the data and operational layer, it covers the collection and transmission of information about energy usage as well as the big data analysis of platforms.

Platform-based lithium battery solutions integrate resources and enhance energy storage development

Based on the scenarios of physical layer, data layer and operational layer, EVE provides platform-based lithium battery solutions from three routes: primary lithium battery, consumer battery and energy storage battery. For example, our ER batteries are widely used for data collection of smart meters, 18650 batteries are used for active tracking in energy supply of PV panel bracket and LFP cells used for the grid energy storage.

When focusing on application scenarios, we divide the energy storage market into grid ESS, telecom ESS and household ESS to build a win-win business platform. We will continue to use advanced cell technology as the basis, standard integration technology as the core, and advantageous resource integration as the platform to help with the development of energy storage.

Improve cycle life and reduce the life cycle cost of electricity

Everyone is concerned about how the cost of lithium battery-powered storage system could be reduced. A very important way is to increase the cycle life. At present, one of our energy storage cell has a measured cycle life of nearly 10,000 times before the adoption of new technology. Based on this, the target life cycle throughput kWh cost of energy storage system is 0.15RMB.

Safety is the first attribute of the battery system

Safety is the first attribute of the battery system. We have employed a production system with 2,856 quality control points, comprehensively monitor production quality and management, and utilise automated, informative and intelligent means to ensure batteries produced with high quality and high reliability.

It is not sufficient for us to just say our products are good, they must be fully verified. We have built laboratories with CNAS qualified, and we also conduct strict testing and verification of relevant standards through third parties to ensure the reliability of products throughout the life cycle.

In terms of after-sales service, we have built a seven-star after-sales system. Firstly, the input of user experiences goes through our service system that we gain deeper understandings of the actual market application situation and then feedbacks to the product research and development team, forming an effective closed loop.

At present, the lithium battery products are widely applied in new energy commercial vehicle, engineering, telecom ESS, electric ship, household ESS, grid ESS and other fields. We will continue to provide products and services with high quality and high reliability.


EVE’s outlook

First, open cooperation and create co-prosperity.

Second, standardise design, quantify testing, and enhance system safety.

Third, increase the numbers of cycles is an effective means to improve the economics of energy storage systems.

Fourth, explore the economic value of energy storage through various scenarios and achieve reasonable returns.


This is all I want to share today, thank you!

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