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Dr. Zheng Weigong: All-pole cylindrical LFP battery--a unique solution for electric two-wheelers


On September 13, the "2021 Seminar on Li-Battery Technology and Application for Light EV", co-sponsored by CBEA and Guangdong Electric Vehicle Chamber of Commerce, was officially held in Guangzhou, with the theme of "Vehicle-Battery Linkage: Booming of Li-battery for 2-wheelers".Dr. Zheng Weigong, Portable Power Solution Department of EVE’s Research Institute, delivered a keynote speech on "All-pole cylindrical LFP Battery -- A unique solution for Electric Two-wheellers".



With the implementation of China's "new domestic standard", the emergence of new application scenarios such as shared economy, battery switching and logistics, the popularization of big data and AI, and the continuous improvement of lithium battery technology, the reform on light EV industry and market are accelerating, driving the rapid expansion of the scale of the lithium battery market. The penetration rate of lithium batteries are rapidly increasing and the large segment of the 100 billion lithium battery market is opening up grandly.

Dr. Zheng pointed out that according to the statistics of research institutions, Chinese market accounted for more than 90% of the global sales of electric two-wheelers in 2019. In 2020, the sales of China's electric two-wheelers reached nearly 50 million units, a year-on-year increase of more than 20%. As of the end of 2020, the social ownership of electric two-wheelers in China has exceeded 300 million. The electric two-wheelers have become a huge industry with a scale of more than 100 billion.

According to the domestic and international market analysis and forecast of electric two-wheelers, it is estimated that by 2025, the domestic installed capacity demand of lithium battery will be 29GWh, and the market share will gradually expand. Combined with the demand of electric two-wheelers in Europe and America, the total demand of lithium battery will exceed 40GWh.



EVE’S cylindrical LFP battery has outstanding advantages such as high safety, long cycle life, low heat production and low cost, which is a unique solution for electric two-wheelers.

EVE gives full play to its technical advantages to produce lithium batteries for electric two-wheelers based on reliable design, advanced manufacturing technology, all-round testing and standardized control. In the market application, EVE LFP’s solution adopts the design of large cylindrical laser welding all-pole lugs, with five major characteristics:

1) High safety: LFP owns characteristics of high safety and good circulation;

2) Low heat production: the all-pole structure has low internal resistance, less heat and no need for complex cooling system;

3) Low cost: low material cost, high capacity of single cell, less parallel connection, effectively reducing pack’s cost;

4) Stable structure: the metal shell can resist shock and impact; compared with prismatic shell, the pouch battery has no thickness expansion problem;

5) High production efficiency: it is conducive to large-scale production and lower manufacturing costs.

Dr. Zheng shared that from the perspective of user experience, EVE’s cylindrical LFP cell is safer to use, has a better user experience in terms of charging time and instant power, and a wider operating temperature range (can charge at minus 10 degrees and discharge at minus 20 degrees), long service life, which is a very effective solution for electric two-wheelers.

2021 is the first year of China's 14th Five-Year Plan. Under the background of the implementation of carbon peak and carbon neutrality strategic goals, two-wheelers, as green products, are actively explored by car enterprises and industrial chain enterprises to help achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality strategic goals.

As a key component of electric two-wheelers, EVE will continue to promote technological innovation of lithium batteries, give full play to the advantages of EVE’s cylindrical LFP battery solutions, and further promote the development of the industry.

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