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Lithium Primary Battery Technical Center

As one of the significant business, lithium primary battery has been dedicating in the application of new material and technology with the upgrading of traditional lithium primary battery manufacture, to improve the ability and reliability of lithium primary battery. The team now possesses a number of electrochemistry doctors, masters and experienced lithium primary battery design engineers, cover from electrochemistry, machine design, electronic and power electronics, material, safety and battery reliability, focuses on highly safety, reliability and performance battery system.

Lithium battery center now possesses 2 large laboratories, including material analysis laboratory, electrochemistry analysis room, safe test and pilot scale test. The center is equipped with test, analysis and experiment ability in lithium primary battery life cycle. 2017, the company kept devoting effort to the research and development of lithium primary battery, and constructed the 14-thousand square meter lithium primary research building to concentrating on solid cathode lithium battery research.



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