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Research and development platform

The research institute is committed to providing technological support for world-first class lithium battery enterprise, as well as makes creative contributions to international lithium battery industry. At present, the research area of EVE reached 50 thousand square meters, and EVE owns over 3 hundred million research funds and 5 large research laboratories, including electrical property, safety test, reliability, equipped with high-level research test machine for professional battery research ability.




The company established a good and stable relationship with the scientific research institutions of many reputational universities, like Wuhan University, South China University of Technology, South China Normal University.





Technical Team

Led by dozens of doctoral experts, EVE owns an interdisciplinary comprehensive R&D teams composing of more than 1000 engineers who specialized in materials, electrochemistry, structural design and electronic circuit design.



  • In 2015 EVE built Intelligent Power Joint Innovation Practice Center with China Tower.

  • In 2015 EVE was regarded as a superior enterprise of national property right by the National Intellectual Property Office.

  • In 2014 EVE-4850 type communication application backup li-ion battery pack passed the Teil certificate.

  • In 2013, EVE National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center of Li-ion Battery Key Technology was approved by NDRC (National Development and Reform Commission).

  • In 2012 EVE was approved to constructing a li-ion battery engineering center possessing national engineering center power by provincial science and technology office.

  • In 2011 EVE was identified as a provincial key laboratory of enterprises by provincial science and technology office.

  • In 2010 EVE was regarded as one member of 50 provincial strategy emerging industry enterprises by provincial economic and information commission.

  • In 2010 EVE was approved to establish post-doctoral scientific research workstation by national human resource department.

  • In 2010 EVE was designated as a model enterprise of cultivating engineer of provincial top 100 innovated enterprises.




Intellectual property

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National-level project undertaken by EVE


■ 2017 Ministry of Industry and Information Technology intelligent manufacture pilot program.

■ 2017 Ministry of Industry and Information Technology intelligent manufacture standardized and new model application program.

■ 2010 Information industrial revitalization and technical transformation program of National Development and Reform Commission,  Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

■ 2010 national core industry restructure program.

■ 2005 innovation fund of Ministry of Science and Technology and ministry of finance.

■ 2003 innovation fund of Ministry of Science and Technology and ministry of finance.

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