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Notice Reminding for Registration of New Graduates 2016


The unified registration time of the new graduates are 1st to 2nd July 2016, please notcie the below remindings:

Personal Information

1、Identification card and copies (3pcs)

2、One-inch color photo (4pcs, no limit about the background color)

3、The Party Orgnization Relationship Introduction Letter

4、 Graduation Certificate and Degree Certificate (original and 3pcs of copies)

5、Registration Certificate (suitable for who want to transfer the Account to Huizhou)

6、Certificate for charge of domicile(suitable for who want to transfer the Account to Huizhou)

7、The register of name in college entrance examination (with university stamps, suitable for Undergraduates, no need for postgraduates)

8、Health certificates in one month (University Hospital, County Hospital or above. Include liver function and Chest X-ray)



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