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  • Campus Event

  • Campus Event

  • Examination at site

  • Interview

  • Sign a contract

Online Application

Resume entry:http://xyz.51job.com//External/Apply.aspx?CtmID=4527481&JobID=&prd=&prp=&cd=&cp=&ruid=


Please pay attention to the updated information from the universities.

Written examination

The written examination will be started after the presentation. It takes 1 hour. Please hand in both your CV and written paper to the operators.


Detail information will be sent by SMS or phone call. Please prepare below information before the interview.

·ID Card

·Report card

·CET4 card

·Recommendation letter

Signing contract

Please prepare a pen and below materials to sign the contract.

Agreement for employment

a  a, 3 copies or 4 copies

b  b, the agreement needs to be stamped by related office from  university.

c  c, If EVE stamp is needed, please talk to our operator for more details.

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